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Getting straight into it:

  • Fixed Scylla errors - The internal scylla check was not timing out, resulting in h8mail hanging. In the meantime _hyp3ri0n updated scylla’s backend, and some JSON keys. Wanna give back to this free service? Help out _hyp3ri0n ’s Dad kickstarter!

  • Fixed Dehashed API integration - Dehashed integration was not working since they updated to their new API. Everything is back to normal, thanks again Peter! ☺️

  • Added spacing in results - Still unsure of some of the colours and formatting but I hope this small detail helps

  • Added a contribution guideline - Started receiving my first PRs for h8mail, so figured it was about time we took care of that.

💜 Stay safe, use your powers for good. I’ll see you in the next update!

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