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Getting straight into it:

  • Fixed Scylla errors - The internal scylla check was not timing out, resulting in h8mail hanging. In the meantime _hyp3ri0n updated scylla’s backend, and some JSON keys. Wanna give back to this free service? Help out _hyp3ri0n ’s Dad kickstarter!

  • Fixed Dehashed API integration - Dehashed integration was not working since they updated to their new API. Everything is back to normal, thanks again Peter! ☺️

  • Added spacing in results - Still unsure of some of the colours and formatting but I hope this small detail helps

  • Added a contribution guideline - Started receiving my first PRs for h8mail, so figured it was about time we took care of that.

💜 Special shout-out to those who answered me on Twitter regarding spacing.
Asking questions in the twitter public place can give me some minor anxiety, knowing y’all are there helps me communicate with the community. So yeah, thank you.

💜 Stay safe, use your powers for good. I’ll see you in the next update!

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